Press Launching of Equality at Work Platform 15 January 2013

Leaders of business community has joined their forces for the achievement of gender equality.

The Equality at Work Platform placed in the task group formed up under the umbrella of World Economic Forum to combat gender-based disparities and to close the economic gender gap in Turkey by 10% in three years started to launch its activities under the auspices of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies.

As the provate sector support came to the agenda, Güler SABANCİ, the Board Chairman of Sabanci Holding and Ferit SAHENK, the Board Chairman of Dogus Holding were assigned as the co-cahirs of the Project were assigned after the consultations with World Economic Forum and Ministry of Family and Social Policies.

The Equality at Work Platform, which was established to achieve gender equality in women's participation to economy,  is a multi-stakeholder structure which embraces cooperation between public sector, private sector, NGOs, academicians, media and World Economic Forum.

In addition to Doğuş Holding and Sabancı Holding, in the Project Group Turkcell, Coca Cola, Boyner Companies have also taken on duties. While the first members of the Platform are composed of local companies and World Economic Forum, it is aimed to grow the group with the participation of different companies.

Press Conference

The Minister for the Ministry of Family and Social Policies Fatma Şahin, Güler SABANCİ, the Board Chairman of Sabanci Holding and Ferit SAHENK, the Board Chairman of Dogus Holding hosted the press conference in which the aim and the objectives for the establishment of the Platform was shared.

Equality at Work Platform was established to coordinate the works and to fulfill its responsibilities in order to decrease economic participation and opportunities gap of Turkey stated in Gender Gap Report 2012 prepared by World Economic Forum since 2006  to 10% within the next 3 years.

Turkey's 2012 score was pointed as 0,414 in the index in which women's participation to working life and their equal representation in income earning and every level of business life is listed and countries are graduated from zero to one. The Platform aims to reach the score of 0,455 with an increase of 10% in three years.

The Companies, which stated that they will voluntarily adopt the principles on elimination of gender-based discrimination and lay the ground for the extension of these principles, made a commitment to establish reliable system to this aim and transparently  report the steps that have been taken. The Platform is open to the memberships by all private sector institutions. The leading companies in Turkey signed the ''Equality at Work Declaration''.