The Side Event on “Initiatives in Closıng the Gender Gaps in Access to Economıc Partıcıpatıon and Opportunities-Good Practices”

  The Side Event on “Initiatives in Closıng the Gender Gaps in Access to Economıc Partıcıpatıon and Opportunities-Good Practices”

 Within the framework of the 58th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women, a side event on “Initiatives in Closing the Gender Gaps in Access to Economic Participation and Opportunities-Good Practices”  was organized  by the Ministry of  Family and Social Policies with participation of  Doğuş Holding and Sabancı Holding, in which the activities and works carried out in Turkey within the scope of the “Equality at Work Platform” were introduced. Equality at Work Platform” was presented as a good practice sample of Turkey in the side event chaired by   Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aşkın ASAN and moderated by  Özlem DENİZMEN, the executive board member of  Doğuş Holding and Neriman ÜLSEVER,  Head of Human Resource Department of Sabancı Holding, participated to the side event as the panelist.      
In the side event which was held in the UN Headquarters on March 11, 2014 and received a great deal of attention by a variety of countries and NGOs, it was emphasized that the Equality at Work Platform is a successful work launched in partnership with the private sector and the public sector. In order to achieve some progress in economic participation and opportunities, the following components are listed;

• “being transparent and flexible”,
• “focusing on the content”,
• “making cultural innovations, preparing a guideline on the good practices and technical recommendations”,
• “having a leadership and team spirit”

However, inclusion of the 5th missing component, that is the “women” factor, among the other components is of crucial importance in order to mobilize the five components. The “Fifth Element” movie was used to invoke the active participation of the attendants. 
Mrs. Asan stated in her speech that necessary legal arrangements and amendments were introduced in the field of education, health, employment and participation in decision-making mechanisms in order to enable the empowerment of women and improve the women’s rights in Turkey and that activities are increasingly going on to translate these legal improvements and arrangements into practice.

Mrs. Asan underline the need to achieve full and complete economic equality between women and men and to reduce   poverty  in order to ensure high national income and sustainable development and Mrs. Asan stated that a number of progress has been recorded in increasing women’s employment and reducing women poverty within the recent years.  

Ms. Aşkın Asan continued her speech providing information about the “Equality at Work Platform” and underlined that the objective of the Platform, which was formed to revise the gender perspective in business life and identify and take concrete steps for progress to this end, was to close Turkey’s gender gap in economic participation and opportunities, a topic included in the Gender Gap Report prepared by the World Economic Forum in 2012, up to 10 percent in three years.

Noting that the Platform organized several high level meetings accordingly, convened with the sub-committees and coordinated the resulting actions as well as informing about its activities, Ms. Asan highlighted the Platform set a substantial model of concerted contributions and coordinated action of public and private sectors, NGOs and academia.
At the close of her speech, she stated that the Platform intended to produce printed and visual materials to promote its activities and raise awareness and sensitivity in the period ahead and these materials would be conducive to creating the desired influence with the leaders and women role models included in their content.

The moderator of the panel, Ms. Özlem Denizmen, delivered a speech in which she mentioned the Doğuş Holding’s actions in scope of the Platform and the results thereof. As a panelist speaking out for the Sabancı Holding, Ms.Neriman Ülsever gave a record of the Holding’s activities as a part of this Platform; stated that the firms made progress in achieving “equality at work” only if this cause was embraced at the uppermost level.

It was tried to describe to the participants the success of the “Equality at Work Platform”, as an initiative realized hand in hand with the public and private sectors, building on the “Fifth Element” movie and the participants were actively involved in the activity. KAGİDER, a member of the Platform, and KADEM representatives participating in the event, also shared their comments relating to the Platform.